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UK Ambassadors

Leon Mazzone Cyclist

January Ambassador

Leon Mazzone is a semi-professional road racing cyclist from Great Britain, currently riding for Saint Piran. Leon represented the Isle of Man at the 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games and aspires to win his first UCI race in 2023.

“I started using Beet It Sport nearing the end of the 2022 season. I felt more efficient when I used it on the lead up to my races, which I was impressed with. I’m very excited to be an ambassador and being able to use and try the new products [Beet It Regen Cherry+] out.”

November Ambassador

Sam Nunn is reigning World and European Champion in the men’s coxless four – he has enjoyed an unbeaten season in 2022 in the M4-, winning gold at the World Championships, World Cup III, and European Championships. His goal for next season is to defend his World Championship title and beyond that, aspires to represent Great Britain at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

“I believe that Beet It Sport has helped me with my performance during races, and during physiological testing on the rowing machine. In these scenarios, your body is put under a lot of stress, and Beet It Sport genuinely helps to manage the levels of lactate within your body to ensure the best performance.”

October Ambassador

Giarnni Regini-Moran is an Olympic Gymnast and Commonwealth and European champion. Giarnni has overcome multiple injuries including six surgeries throughout his career – his resilience to bounce back and never give up is nothing short of remarkable and we are honoured to have him as our Beet It Sport ambassador. Giarnni will be competing at the World Championships in Liverpool with the aim for the team to get a world medal and qualify two years early for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

“Beet It Sport is something I absolutely swear by! I believe in this product and will use the Nitrate 400 shots in every build up and for every competition”

September Ambassador

Joanna Patterson works as a GP and cyclist who has competed at the Commonwealth Games and European Championships. In 2021, she won the Best British All Rounder and in 2022 won the National 100-mile Championship in a new Competition record of 3:36:31. Joanna will be using Beet It Sport for her first Ironman in Italy on September 17.

“I feel my power and endurance are enhanced when I take Beet It Sport and it allows me to compete at a higher level for longer – this is great for TT where every second counts!”

August Ambassador

Nico Carrillo is a British kickboxer who is the current ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) Muay Thai World 65 kg Champion.

“I feel a massive boost when I drink Beet It Sport the night before training – it feels like my endurance is enhanced”

July Ambassador

Aidan Barlow is an English professional footballer who plays left midfielder for Doncaster Rovers. Aidan represented England at the 2017 UEFA Under-17 Championship in Croatia and is a product of the Manchester United academy, having joined at the age of six.

“Beet It Sport products have helped me significantly by increasing my stamina during games and helping me to perform at a higher level for longer – this is especially important when opponents are tired as you can exploit that”

Aidan Barlow

April ambassador

Nathan Gilchrist is a professional cricketer (fast bowler) who plays for Kent County Cricket Club. Nathan was born at Harare in Zimbabwe in 2000 and grew up in South Africa. His ambitions for this year are to win the County Championship with Kent CC and beyond that, to play for England through his eligibility of his father who is English.

“Beet It Sport products help my performances by providing me with the various nutrients my body needs. Our season is very long, so being able to maintain a high level of fitness for a long period of time is crucial, and that’s exactly what Beet It Sport’s products help me do”

March ambassador

Tomasz Drybala is an Extreme Runner and Mindful Running and Active Meditation Teacher. Tomasz’s achievements include running 5 million steps in 101 days and running 11,000 km from Hanoi, along the ocean coast to Singapore and through Indonesia. Tomasz’s latest challenge is an epic 40,000 km World Run – he starts in March 2022 and aims to finish in 2025!

“When I take Beet It Sport I feel more confident in my training because my muscles aren’t getting as tired as they would have done before – most importantly, I feel more relaxed”


February – Charlie Peters

Charlie Peters is a 3x Muay Thai World Champion and UK No. 1. Charlie is currently training for his first IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca and is using Beet It Sport to fuel his performance.

 “I love the fact that Beet It Sport comes in so many easy ways to consume and it is able to give you such an edge and benefit from all natural ingredients – it is a huge benefit to any athlete looking to better themselves in a clean and legal way”.

January – Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman is an ex Professional cyclist and a Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Loose Cannon’s Conditioning; primarily working with cycling and triathletes to improve their exercise performance.

‘If you are passionate and determined to be at top of your game and you are already using other supplements such as caffeine and creatine and not a Beet It Sport nitrate supplement, you seriously need to start. My performance and my team’s performances are incredible since they started using the shots. Pre-loading before races and using it as a supplement for harder more intense training sessions has made a big improvement in stamina, reducing accumulated fatigue during high bouts of efforts, and ultimately winning races. – Lloyd Chapman

December – Marija Malenica

Marija Malenica is a Croatian professional kickboxer based in London who is a K-1 World and European champion, Croatian National champion, and Wako European champion.

‘Beet It Sport helped me a lot as a part of my pre workout . On the days I feel tired and I need that extra push, Beet It Sport never lets me down and I really feel effects during my training. ” 

November – Bobby Pallett

Bobby Pallett is a professional MMA fighter and is a British FCC Welterweight Champion who has recently been signed to Bellator. Bobby is aiming to become the Bellator World Welterweight Champion.

“With Beet It Sport, I feel I have added energy and extra gas in my tank when I go into later rounds when sparring, which will prepare me well for fight night.” 

Joshua Nathan, a British gymnast and was a reserve for the Men’s Gymnastics team for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

October – Joshua Nathan

Joshua Nathan is a British gymnast and was a reserve for the Men’s Gymnastics team for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Joshua is a World Cup champion on the Pommel Horse and a European Finalist, with aspirations of becoming a World, Commonwealth and Olympic medallist.


Beet It Sport improves my ability to perform at my best – I feel a tremendous benefit to my endurance and fitness”


September – Victoria Bassett

Victoria is a T44 100m and 200m para-sprinter and PhD student based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Victoria was born with Bilateral Talipes, a congenital disability that affects the shape and direction of the foot in such a way that requires correction throughout childhood. She has recently earned a place on the British Athletics Futures Pathway, which sets her on the path of competing at the Paris 2024 Paralympics. We are delighted to be able to play a small part in supporting her journey – her first major goal is to compete in the 2022 Kobe Para Athletics World Championships!

Beet It Sport shots are the perfect supplement to get me through those painful hill sessions and speed endurance training. They’re particularly useful during winter – when training is at its hardest – they help my body to get more oxygen to where I need it so I can focus on making sure that the last rep is as good as my first. You never know that last rep could be the difference between gold and silver…” – Victoria Bassett

Victoria Bassett is a T44 100m and 200m para-sprinter and PhD student based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

August – Kimberley Barefoot-Brace

Kimberley Barefoot-Brace is an Ironman, TT’er (National 12hr TT champion and National Veteran 12hr TT record holder 278.49) and GBR age group triathlete. Kimberley says she dreams of breaking records and winning titles, but ultimately, she loves riding her bike and the process of training and pushing herself to see an improvement.

“I’ve been using Beet It Sport in the run-up to races for a few years now…as a finishing touch to make sure I get on that start line knowing I’ve done everything I can to perform at my best. I love that the humble beetroot can give you such a boost and a competitive edge, it’s a brilliant product!”

July – Gino Rea

Gino Rea is an English professional motorcycle racer of Italian descent, who became the first Brit to win the European Superstock 600cc Championship, finishing on the podium in the Moto2 GP race of Malaysia and finishing on the podium in the Bol d’Or 24hr Endurance World Championship in France. 

Beet It Sport helps in both areas by increasing oxygen uptake, increasing blood flow and acts as an antioxidant. If you are like me and want to find an extra advantage for your performance and recovery, don’t hesitate to try Beet It Sport, they have got their products exactly right. Most people don’t know about the benefits from nitrate intake, and they also don’t realise that you can’t physically eat enough beetroot to benefit from the nitrate – the only way is with Beet It concentrated formulas!”.

Gino Rea: an English professional motorcycle racer of Italian descent

May- Lewis Bloor

Lewis Bloor is and fitness and nutrition coach who recently discovered Beet It Sport as an alternative to sugar-laden energy drinks and is passionate about the benefits of dietary nitrate for health and performance. Lewis is well notably known for his roles in The Only Way is Essex and Celebrity Big Brother.

“I used to drink a lot of energy drinks to keep me energised during long days on my feet coaching clients. I have now swapped to Beet It Sport and I haven’t looked back. In my sessions, I have much less fatigue towards the end of my workouts after using Beet It Sport – Beet It Sport has done their research and has delivered a phenomenal product!”.

April – Joe Cemlyn-Jones

Joe Cemlyn-Jones is one of Wales’ leading gymnasts as the current Northern European Champion on parallel bars and horizontal bar – his long term goal is to compete at the Olympics and get a team medal for Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

“I use Beet It Sport before all training sessions to help with my training performance – every 1% counts!”

March –  Mica Moore

GB bobsleigh athlete Mica Moore represented Wales at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Mica was crowned No.1 GB Brakewomen in 2016 and competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

 Beet It Sport has definitely helped with my morning get up and go! I take a shot with my breakfast… it’s refreshing and I feel ready to attack the day! – I have also tried the Zinger shots and I love them!”

February – James Fleming

James Fleming is a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist (BSc, MSc), registered on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) and is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the Beet It Sport brand.

 “I have been a massive fan of Beet It Sport for years, ever since learning about them while at university. I always recommended the products to runners or endurance-based sports for a number of reasons…there is a wealth of scientific evidence to support the benefits of Beet It Sport products.” 

January – Ryan Williams

Ryan is an Australian professional footballer who plays for Portsmouth FC as a Midfielder and won his first senior cap for Australian national team against South Korea in 2019.

 “I feel like I can run more and I get my second wind a lot quicker than when I don’t use Beet It Sport – I love it! It has become a key part of my preparation leading into games.”

December – Megan Gaffney

Megan Gaffney is an international rugby player with 25 caps for Scotland Women, and inclusion in the initial Great Britain Olympic training squad for Rio 2016. Since her debut in 2012, Megan has represented her country in both 15s and 7s variants and is aiming to qualify for Great Britain 7s at the Tokyo Olympics and for Scotland 15s at the World Cup in 2021.

“I use Beet It Sport shots before matches and can definitely feel the difference – I feel like I can last for longer during games and I can produce a high work rate for the full 80 minutes!”

November – Pawal Celinski

Pawal is a GB Team British Triathlete who is training to compete at the Ironman World Championships. Pawal has been using Beet It Sport products for over 2 years and is passionate about the evidence-based benefits of the products.

Beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world and there are only a few products of such high quality and naturalness as Beet It Sport products. I find it is perfect for my long-distance efforts, my training becomes more effective and my body has faster regeneration. Most other energy shots contain artificial/chemical substances, but Beet It Sport offers 100% natural energy – I can’t imagine using anything else!”

October – Cameron Gregory

Cameron Ring is a semi-professional rugby player born in Northampton, who plays in France for AS Mâcon, who were Fédérale 1 (D4) Champions of France in the 2019/20 season. Cameron is a qualified personal trainer and produces videos about training, nutrition and supplements and daily life on his YouTube (11.2k subscribers) and Instagram (@cameron_ring 4.6k followers).

“I have heard lots of positive feedback about beetroot juice and the health benefits that it comes with. It cannot be denied as it’s all backed up by scientific evidence. I am excited to try it out and reap the benefits to help improve my performance and training.” 

September – Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte is a competitive distance runner who is currently training for her first Ultra-marathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation after having two heart operations. She feels very lucky for not suffering from any problems anymore but wants to help the foundation for those who are not as fortunate.

“I use Beet It Sport before my long runs, for about four months now. I feel like I have the capacity to go harder/ longer like I’m working more efficiently. It’s part of my long run ritual, never miss a pre-run shot!”

August – Jacob Bloch

Jakob is a competitive ultra-runner who has complete 24 ultra-races around the world; including Marathon des Sables (Saraha Desert), Angkor Ultra (Cambodia) and UTMB Ultra (Oman). His day job is being CEO of a headhunting firm with activities globally.

“Ultra-running is all about the mental challenge and associated benefits for me – the focus of the training, planning and race execution, it’s kind of my way to disconnect. Beet It Sport has been part of my staple pre-race diet for some 24 ultra-races in four years – and I haven’t DNFed yet!”

July – Katie George

Katie is a professional English cricketer who plays domestically for the Southern Vipers in the Women’s Super League. In 2018 Katie made her debut for England one-day and T20 international and took a hat-trick on her first appearance for her country. Katie is touted as an upcoming superstar in English women’s cricket and we cannot wait to see her back in action for England, fuelled by Beet It Sport!

Katie is now back in training with England and said: “Lockdown has actually been a really good opportunity to get a solid block of running done – but to be training back with England is amazing! It felt almost like it was the first day back at school – I’m just buzzing to get back to some sort of normality!”

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Beet It Sport from fellow athletes and I really look forward to seeing it benefit my training and performance!”

June – Joelle Murray

Joelle is a Scottish international footballer who plays as a midfielder at Hibernian Women’s FC in the Scottish Premier League. Joelle is the current player Captain and Academy Manager Hibernian Women’s FC and she has represented Scotland in the European Championships and World Cup finals.

Beet It Sport gives me a boost pre-exercise, it invigorates me and prepares me for training giving me the small margins which could be the difference between a win, loss, recovery run or tackle. I would thoroughly recommend Beet It Sport to fellow athletes, their support for me has been very much appreciated and the attention to detail they give their athletes is second to none”.

May – Josh Barrow

Josh Barrow is an ultra-trail runner who has completed over 25 marathons around the world, including The Great Wall of China Marathon and Pisa Marathon. Josh is passionate and enthusiastic about running in the wild – most weekends he and his girlfriend Sophia leave the confines of their suburban Manchester life to explore the mountains around the UK. Josh says “The trips hurl us into the present, away from the preoccupations of our working lives and help us take care of ourselves with more attention and skill”.

“I’ve been using beetroot juice to supplement my endurance running for the last 9 months. There’s definitely a feeling that the cardiovascular system is running more cleanly, which is supported by the science which suggests nitrate levels improve blood flow and transport of oxygen to the muscles. I’m looking forward to seeing how an optimum concentration of c400mg improves my performance further.”

April- Harry Hugues

Harry is a 21-year-old javelin thrower based locally to us in Suffolk – he was a big teenage talent – breaking the English Schools Senior record which had stood for 18 years and throwing for Great Britain in the final of the World Junior Championships. Harry aims to qualify and compete in both the coming European Championships, Olympics and the World Championships, which should all hopefully happen in the next year.

“Since using Beet It Sport, my circuit training has improved massively, due to the increase in my blood being oxidized, and in general my body reacting and moving much better during my sessions. I really believe in gaining those smaller percentages in your training where possible and I am certain that Beet It Sport provides me with extra percentages that I know will make a difference”.

Beet It Ambassador Jermain McGillvary

March – Jermaine McGillvary

Jermaine is a professional rugby league player who currently plays on the wing for Huddersfield Giants in the Super League. In 2015, Jermaine finished top try-scorer in Super League with 27 tries and earned selection in the Super League Dream Team. Jermaine has since represented England and Great Britain at the International level and played in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Final, the 2019 Rugby League World Cup 9s and was selected for the 2019 Great Britain Lions tour of the Southern Hemisphere.

“I’ve been drinking Beet It Sport for a number of years now – it’s a top product! There was a lot of hype behind it and a few of the boys used it so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did, as it definitely gives me that extra boost of energy, I feel that I last longer aerobically during conditioning and games. I 100% recommend it to anyone competing in anything physically taxing especially on your lungs.

February – Holly Mills

Holly Mills is an aspiring Olympian and represents GB in the heptathlon and long jump. Holly achieved gold in the long jump at the Junior Gala International Mannheim, 4th in heptathlon and bronze in the long jump at the European U20 Championships in Sweden. Her aspirations are to become one of the greatest sportspeople drives me to train every day and compete at the highest levels.

Beet It Sport has massively helped my performance. I have been taking the beetroot juice shots for a couple of years now and feel it increases my endurance in my 800m sessions and my aerobic sessions, meaning I can get the most out of my training. I always make sure I have a Beetroot juice with me at competitions, as they’re a vital part in my preparation and to my performance.”

Beet It Ambassador Holly Mills
Beet It Ambassador Peter Thompson

January – Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson, the current Guinness world record holder for the most crossovers skips in 60 seconds, is officially our January ambassador. With the impressive number of 117 crossovers skips achieved in March 2019, Peter has recently become a double world record holder in November 2019, breaking the record for the most crossovers in 30 seconds. In 2012, Peter started skipping as a way to overcome depression and anxiety.

“I have been drinking Beet It Sport for the last seven years as it has great benefits for both sport and general health. I would recommend Beet It Sport for anyone who is looking to increase performance and gain that extra edge to increase endurance, speed and power. I will drink Beet It forever!”

2019 UK Ambassadors

Beet It Ambassador Tom Stoltman

December – Tom Stoltman, aka “The Albatross”

Tom Stoltman is Scotland’s Strongest Man 2018. He got into the Strongman competition through his big brother Luke about six years ago. Watching him compete gave Tom an instant bug for it and he has stuck to it ever since! His aspirations for 2020 are to win Scotland’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man and to be on the podium at the World’s Strongest Man.

“I have been using Beet It Sport for about a month now and I can honestly say I’ve felt a difference in recovery and overall performance in the gym. My sessions seem to be much more effective and I can’t wait to see the effects after a few months. The health benefits are second to none and it’s backed up by evidence and science. It’s new to the strongman market and I think it will hugely benefit our sport and competitors.”

November – Conor Barrasford

Conor is a 21-year-old aspiring professional Ironman athlete who recently graduated from the University of Bath with a BSC degree in Politics and Economics, where he coincided his studies with Ironman, ultramarathons and sports science. Conor works as a corporate journalist on an athlete-friendly contract, to enable him to pursue an elite career in sport. He also runs a website and blog where he discusses all things triathlon/endurance sport related.

“This year I’ve experimented with quite a VO2 max-dense regimen. Beet It Sport has allowed me to operate at a high intensity for longer. By drawing out intervals, I’ve been able to progress at a greater rate than I had originally calculated.”

Beet It Ambassador Matthew Melling

October – Matthew Melling

Matthew – aka ‘The Wigan Runner’ – hasn’t stopped running 5km every day since 2017, to raise money for the Oddballs Foundation, which raise awareness for Testicular Cancer. Matthew has run for more than 1,000 consecutive days and so far has raised over £22,000 for the Oddballs Foundation. Matthew has a 16,000 strong community of runners following him on social media and hopes to keep inspiring people to get active every day.

Beet It Sport makes me feel healthier and more energetic in daily life.”

David Conroy

David is the current Irish Junior Cyclo-cross National Champion. He has represented Ireland as a junior at the World Championships, and competes on the Scott Eurocycles team.

“Beet It Sport has been an awesome aid to my performance. I rarely use supplements because I feel most supplements are easily replaced with real food. However Beet It Sport is such an easy way to maximise the proven performance benefits of nitrates found concentrated in beetroot. I always use the Nitrate 400 shots for 3-4 days before my competition and then 3 hours before the start I take a final hit to maximise my performance”

Beet It Ambassador David Conroy
Beet It Ambassador Helen Davies

Helen Davies

Helen is a long distance runner, who has represented Great Britain at the European Championships and England at the Commonwealth Games. Helen holds a hat trick of wins at the Brighton Marathon in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and most recently was selected by British Athletics to represent Team GB at the 50k World Championships in Romania in September 2019.

“I have been using Beet It Sport shots since the first study was published 10 years ago. I find they improve my stamina and I use them on training session days and long run days. In the build up to key events, I take one every morning and evening of the week before and take 2 shots 2hrs before on race day – they make me feel stronger and give me a performance gain.”

Vittoria Bussi

Vittoriais an Italian Professional Cyclist who in 2018, set the new Women’s UCI hour record, cycling 48.007 kilometres (29.830 miles), beating the previous record set by Evelyn Stevens in 2016 by 27 metres. It was Vittoria’s thirst attempt at the record, having previously fallen short by 404m in 2017 and having abandoned a second attempt after 40 minutes the day before her record-breaking ride.

“I drink Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000 around 10 days before important competitions, as it naturally increases the level of nitrate in your body. It has been scientifically proven that nitrate affects the efficiency of oxygen consumption and I can tell you, this was crucial in breaking a worldrecord.”

Beet It Ambassador Vittoria Bussi
Beet It Ambassador Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Ben is a professional sports nutritionist and owner of Blueberry Nutrition. Ben works with a range of elite athletes and celebrities, such as Harry Styles (One Direction), James Haskell (England Rugby & Northampton Saints), University of Exeter Boat Club (EUBC) and Davey Oliver Joyce (current WBO European featherweight boxing champion).

“I advise athletes I work with to consume Beet It Sport, as I have seen the benefits first hand – whether it is shaving seconds/minutes off a run; lifting 1% more in the gym or improving sprint performance times.”

Ben Gregory

Ben is the current British Decathlon Champion and Welsh National Record Holder and has represented Wales in Decathlon at three Commonwealth Games, placing 6th, 6th and 7th. Ben is aiming to push for a podium position at the 2020 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

“I use the Beet It Sport shots in the lead up to my decathlons. It’s a great mental boost knowing you’re fuelling yourself with products that are scientifically proven to enhance performance.”

Beet It Ambassador Ben Gregory
Beet It Ambassador Ryan James

Ryan James

Ryan is one of the best-known Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) racers in Britain, with countless event victories including six SUP National Championship Titles.

Using Beet It Sport shots, I have noticed a reduction in post session fatigue in my performance data, compared to previous sessions where I didn’t use nitrates. Secondly, my ability to reproduce intensity associated speed in the water has been significantly enhanced. Even with a sport science background I was sceptical, but now can’t find a reason not to take a shot of beetroot root juice before an event or session. I wish I found Beet It Sport a lot earlier in my athletic career! This is now a pre-routine essential for ocean sports life.”

Alex Richardson

Alex signed for One Pro Cycling Team in 2015, however this only lasted four months, due to severe weight loss and loss of happiness in the sport. Alex since re-kindled his happiness in the sport and the 28 year old went on to stun the cycling world with a solo victory in the Lincoln Grand Prix in May 2018.

“The research behind Beet It Sport is very positive in terms of gains in performance and in relation to the dilation of blood vessels. I also use it regularly as part of a well-balanced diet. I think Beet It Sport< products are great and are genuinely beneficial to people.”

Beet It Ambassador Alex Richardson
Beet It Ambassador Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis

Jenny is extreme endurance athlete, having completed Cape Wrath Ultra; Iran Silk Road Ultramarathon (250km self-sufficient race through the Dasht-e-Lut Desert in 66 degree heat); Marathon des Sables (250km multi-day race through the unforgiving Sahara Desert) and Arctic Ultra 250 (230km running through Arctic Sweden in -37 degree conditions).

“Beet It Sport is genuinely delicious! If you’re potentially put off about the beetroot flavour then there’s no need to be – it’s also easy to take with you for racing or training. Beet It Sport is shown to increase time to task failure and improve the oxygen cost of exercise, resulting in improved performance times– I use it in my training and expeditions.”

Jamal-Marcus Rhoden-Stevens

Jamal-Marcus is a 23yr old, Team GB 400m Sprinter, aiming to make the team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Jamal-Marcus has taken a sharp rise up the rankings since debuting in England athletes in January this year, to now being selected as part of the Team GB team ahead of the 2019 world championships.

“Beet It Sport has helped me a lot with recovery and it also gives me a great energy boost, it is a key part of my training regime.”

Beet It Ambassador Jamal-Marcus Rhoden-Stevens
Beet It Ambassador Inci Mehmet

Inci Mehmet

Inci is a professional golfer, representing England at International level. Inci is ranked #74 in 2017 Ladies European Tour Order of Merit Position. She recently finished 2nd at the AXA Czech Ladies Challenge and played in the Ricoh Women’s British Open with a second round under par.

“I have always known how nutritious beetroot is for your health. I believe it helps lower blood pressure and is a good source of minerals, potassium and nitrate. It’s great to be the monthly ambassador for Beet It Sport and cool to see the other sports professionals that see the advantage that the Beet It Sport range can have on performance.”

Kat Driscoll

Kat is a 2012 and 2016 Olympian and is Great Britain’s number one trampoline gymnast, having been World number one for a number of years. Kat made British history in trampoline gymnastics by qualifying for the final at the Rio Olympic Games, before finishing 6th.

“I use Beet It Sport before training as the nitrates allow for more blood and oxygen get to the muscles, which in turn is helping me be able to train more effectively”

Beet It Ambassador Kat Driscoll

2018 UK Ambassadors

December 2018

Jenny Davies – Extreme endurance athlete

November 2018

Janine Lewis – Nordic Walker

October 2018

Jamal Marcus Rhoden Stevens – GB 400m sprinter

September 2018

Inci Mehmet – Pro golfer

August 2018

Kat Driscoll – GB#1 Trampolinist

July 2018

Peter Hayes – Action Sports enthusiast

June 2018

Patrick Munnelly – Elite Rower

May 2018

Jacqueline Dahlstorm – CrossFit Elite

April 2018

Charlie Hayter – England Rugby Sevens Payer

February 2018

Adam & Jordan Walne – Rugby League Player

January 2018

Yiannis Christodolou – GB Aquathlon Team Captain
Millie Tomlinson – GB Squash Player