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    Mad for Beetroot juice!

    3rd November 2016

    Why I went mad for Beetroot Juice


    As an addictive personality and results driven individual I was never going to just take up triathlon to have fun and compete just for the social aspect. Don’t get me wrong I do like the social side of triathlon and love the banter with other club members and competitors during races. To fulfill my needs I had to go straight in a the deep end!


    I started competing in triathlons about just over 3 years ago after me and my business partners had watched a YouTube video “I’m an Ironman’ (you know the one!) and decided that we wanted to do one! We set a sensible plan of completing an Olympic distance and a nice flat middle distance in our first year and progress to Ironman UK Bolton in 2014. In the first season I was listening to lots of podcasts as due to my competitive nature I wanted to do everything within my power to beat the other guys. The JBST podcast from Joe Beer has always been a great go to for the latest scientifically proven methods to improve performance and he spoke about how a group of trained cyclists had seen improved time trial performance by supplementing with beetroot juice. He went into a lot of detail including the fact that it’s all about the nitrate content and how much you had to drink to get the magic amount of 0.4g of dietary  to get the performance benefits and how to load up before a big race and you could get nice 2-3 % performance benefit! That was it I was sold and purchased some Beet it.


    Since then I’ve always used the loading method before races to great effect helping me to push on when the chips are down. To begin with I used the large one litre cartons and drank 500ml per day which to begin with was hard work but you soon get used to it. I later discovered the Beet It Sports Shots which were great as they packed all I needed into a neat little 70ml shot. More recently I’ve been experimenting with the Beet It 3000 bottles to help me use it more cost effectively during harder training cycles. My first experience was a partial fail as I took double the dose not realizing it was double the concentrate however there were no ill effects and I’m on the ball now.


    Beet It has been an important part of my training and racing over the last 3 years and on my journey from a first timer 3 years ago I’ve completed my first ironman, Won a silver medal in my age group at the ETU long distance championships in 2015 and this year qualified for Kona by finishing 4th overall at Ironman Weymouth. I’m certainly not going to change my Beet It regime.

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