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    Beetroot elite for the pros!

    11th April 2017

    If you are into fitness this may spike your interest… Beet-it Sport!!!

    Now this stuff has been around for a few years and is becoming the go to sports supplement. Why…?

    The Science bit

    The natural nitates in beetroot convert to nitrites with a little help from the salivary glands and enter the blood stream. The nitrites then convert to Nitric Oxide. This;

    •Opens blood vessels

    •Increases blood flow

    •Oxygenates the muscles

    •Boosts stamina and speeds reaction time

    •Speeds recovery

    •Reduces lactic acid build up

    The Pro-elite shot contains c400mg of natural nitrate which is the same as drinking 500ml of the beetroot juice (approx 6 beetroots). Whilst the flapjack contains c200mg of nitrate.

    I have been trialling these products but not on the same level. I have been using them to help with my asthma, Raynaud’s and lupus.

    If you have asthma, Raynaud’s or lupus you might have a similar or worse experience as myself. When I’m in a Lupus flare my chest is tight regardless what I take and even on a level surface I can have an asthma attack. My body is weak and wobbly and has a terrible ache like lactic acid burn after a hardcore workout but without the workout! On a normal day my chest is ok… until the gradient changes! I’m ok on gentle sloaps but if my HR reaches 180 that’s it, its asthma time!

    When I use the shots and bars I can get my HR to 186 before my chest tightens and the steam train noise sets in. I realise this alone is not impressive but my legs last longer and as long as Iv had adequate nitrates I’m not as sore in the morning (dependant on activity). This is huge for me!! As for almost two years now Iv been in agony after something as gentle as yoga- I kid you not! There is research now going on into the use of Beetroot nitrates and the effect on Raynaud’s. Lets hope this is beneficial and that it leads on to more research for asthma and autoimmune diseases in general.

    Im very keen to hear from anyone with asthma, Lupus or any chronic illness! Do you use these products or have you found something else that helps? Please get in touch through our Facebook page.


    By Joanna Hubble – Lupus on Wheels

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