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    Beet-it Lupus!!!

    11th April 2017

    If you have lupus you are probably already aware that beetroot juice is a wondrous thing. If you are new to Lupus let me explain why beetroot juice is about to be more important than coffee.

    Lupus can effect any organ of the body, if it attacks the kidneys it can be potentially fatal but don’t panic, this is rarely the case now as treatments have come along way.

    Our bodies naturally produce Glutathione which is used to neutralize toxins and detox our body. Something that we lupies sometimes lack. Beetroot contains Glutathione so by including it in your diet you will be helping that natural process of toxin elimination!

    Beets are also rich in a very unique source of phytonutrients called betalains. These betalains found in  beets, have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. As well as other benefits;

    1. Lowers blood pressure
    2. Protect from premature aging
    3. Improves digestion
    4. Fights inflammation
    5. Boosts energy levels
    6. Detoxifies the body
    7. Opens blood vessels

    See here for some juice recipes

    Every girl wants pink wee!!


    I came across Beet-it at the 2014 walking show. As we chatted to the young sales rep he made us aware that the Beetroot juice helps to open blood vessels, this immediately spiked my interest as I have Raynaud’s ( a circulation disorder). After I was diagnosed with Lupus I started to research and look for cures. This is when I became aware of all the other benefits of beetroot juice. I have made it part of my routine to drink two small glasses a day. Now unfortunately its not always possible to drink the pink stuff but If I ever go three days or more without it the ache in my back comes back really badly. I have found that drinking beetroot juice also helps calm down my digestive system, it helps with my heart burn during a flare and helps my…don’t laugh…bowls! Now don’t panic if your wee turns pink, that’s very normal.

    I have recommended this pink delight to everyone I speak to with Lupus and 7 out of 10 have had the same results as myself. So why don’t you give it a go for yourself.

    If you are interested in fitness like me, the Beet-it sport range may be of interest.

    I would love to hear how you get on, so please get in touch with your results and thoughts by facebook.


    By Joanna Hubble – Lupus on Wheels

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