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    Beet It back on the podium!

    9th May 2017

    I’m Ray Honour, I have now been Racing Mountain Bikes for the past 11 years, I am now 45 years old and have no intentions of retiring anytime soon thanks to Beet It Sport.  It could have been very different if I hadn’t discovered this little shot of high nitrate beetroot concentrate.

    I race XC Mountain Bikes during the spring summer months and Cyclocross during Autumn Winter months, so it’s pretty much non -stop cycle racing all year round.  However, a few years ago I felt my body had just had enough of this intense non-stop training and racing.  My results were getting worse and my form was way below my own personal goals. Regularly finishing outside top 20 in cyclocross and in regional XC MTB racing and way outside the top

    40 at national races. My body just seemed permanently tired and I had lost all the drive to succeed compared to when I was a bit younger.

    I expressed my feelings to friends and family and told them I was considering packing it all in. But just before all the bikes went on to that famous auction site, a friend offered me some Beet It Sport Shots to try out to see if they could help to improve my poor form.

    And what a difference Beet It has made to my form. It’s like a life saver. I suddenly feel energised and driven on race days and I have the racing bug back. My results have gone from Cyclocross outside top 20 to a regular top 10. I’m regularly back on the podium at XC MTB races in the North of England races and top 20 at national level.  To top last year’s season off I managed a top 15 finish at the national championships up in Glasgow. I am now a regular user of this product and would never start a race without it.

    I can’t thank Beet It enough for helping me get back to form and I now feel I can go on racing forever!

    Thank you

    Ray Honour


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