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    Michael Bradbury


    Where are you from?
    Cannock, Staffordshire, UK

    Fun Facts

    • Favourite Food

      - Nandos

    • Favourite Film

      - Hangover 1 & 2

    • Favourite Music

      - Kings of Leon

    • Favourite Book

      - Not much of a reader however, I read a lot of articles from various sources to enhance my knowledge in most fields.

    • Dream Holiday Destination

      - Cancun, Mexico. Hot weather, friendly people.

    • Who are the most important people in your life?

      - Family - wife and son!!!!!!!!!!

    • Favourite TV show

      - Impractical jokers (got to see it)

    • When you arent training, what are you doing?

      - Spending family time 100% of the time

    • Any other hobbies?

      - Nope! 4 is enough :)


    Why did Beet It choose Michael?

    Michael is a very fit man! Not only does he have to keep fit for his job but he needs to understand fitness to train his colleagues. Since taking on Triathlons Michael has had to take his nutrition incredibly seriously. He has been using our Beet It shots for about a year and has been on our Elite package since summer 2014. He is still in the early stages of his Triathlon career but shows great promise. He has been a great supporter of Beet It Sport since he discovered our brand and is a strong advocate of the science behind its success. We are proud to be supporting him in and showcasing him this month.


    How long have you been in the Army?

    7 years

    How has being in the Army changed you?

    Being in the army has made me a more confident person especially within sport. I now have the backing that I never had or would not have on civvi street.

    Have you always been into fitness?

    Nope, never, not until I joined the army.

    Why triathlon?

    Because I believe it to be the hardest sport one discipline is not enough “Tri-ath-el-ete” (a person who does not understand one sport is hard enough) 🙂

    How hard is it to train as a triathlete on top of regular army fitness?

    Extremely difficult unless you manage time efficently

    Best Triathlon achievement so far?

    Qualifying and competing at the ITU World Traithlon Championships and finishing 56nd in the world 10th brit

    What are you ambitions for 2015?

    European sprint triathlon championships and the interservices standard distance

    What are you top three sport nutrition tips?

    1. Eat regular meal
    2. Keep your protein consistent
    3. Dont skip meals

    What are your top three training tips?

    1. Consistency is key.
    2. If you are ill, rest.
    3. Train hard and race easy.

    Why do you use Beet It and how has it helped you?

    I use Beet It to enhance my performance through nitrate supplementation, allowing more oxygen to flow through my system i also use beet-it as one of my 5 a day

    How important to you is it that it is all natural?

    Extremely, if it was artificial there would be no Beet It. Beetroot is from the ground. Natural sugar is fine i.e. fructose however additives wreck lives 🙂