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    Kai Horstmann

    Premiership Rugby Player

    Where are you from?
    Zimbabwe originally but now loving life with my family in Devon

    Fun Facts

    • Favourite Food

      - I'm a big foodie so there are loads: Sushi, dim sum, Italian, Indian ... it goes on!

    • Favourite Film

      - Van Wilder, Old School, Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, Usual Suspects

    • Favourite Music

      - Love the Old School!

    • Favourite Book

      - I am Pilgrim, Iron Love or Spud books

    • Dream Holiday Destination

      - Western Cape, South Africa

    • Who are the most important people in your life?

      - My Wife and 2 daughters

    • Favourite TV show

      - Luther, Suits, Sherlock, True Detective, Breaking Bad

    • When you aren't training, what are you doing?

      - I have a wine shop called Tivoli Wines in Cheltenham with my wife so that takes up a fair amount of time or looking after my 2 daughters

    • Any other hobbies?

      - Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Cooking, DIY, Gardening


    Born and raised in Zimbabwe. I attended boarding school in England from a young age. I was lucky enough to get into professional rugby straight after finishing school when I signed for Harlequins. Now play Premiership Rugby for the Exeter Chiefs.


    Have you always been into fitness?

    I’ve always been into sport. Fitness was always the bonus that came with it.

    How did you get involved with Rugby?

    Rugby is a religion in Southern Africa so there is no way of not getting involved. I also had some great coaches at school.

    Best athletic achievement so far?

    Tough one… Probably winning the Hong Kong sevens with England.

    What are you ambitions for 2015 and beyond?

    To really enjoy what I do and win silverware.

    Who are your sporting / non sporting role models?

    As a kid my hero was Joost van der Westhuizen, an all-time great who now very sadly is battling with a form of motor neurone disease. A non-sporting role model is Sir David Stirling, founder of The SAS.

    Tell us something that most people don't know about you?

    I love watching a good Rom Com and I thoroughly enjoy The Antiques Roadshow

    Can you describe the feeling when you won a big match or made a great improvement/achievement in your sport?

    There is no greater feeling in sport then when you sit down in the changing room after an enormous victory. Your body is battered, bloody and bruised. Your mentally exhausted and you’ve got all your team mates sat around you feeling exactly the same thing and you look round at the them all and know that you’ve achieved something great. When you’ve all collectively taken your body to extremes and come out on top it is the feeling that drives you to do it again and again and achieve bigger.

    What are you top three sport nutrition tips?

    1. Try to stick to unrefined products
    2. Drink masses of water
    3. Try things out to find out what works for you

    What are your top three training tips?

    1. Always try and Max out. Test yourself!
    2. Keep things fresh. Try and vary things
    3. Enjoy it!

    Why do you use Beet It and how has it helped you?

    It’s a great antioxidant. Beetroot has huge nutritional benefits that can only benefit you during exercise. I have it before every game and it is a big part of my game prep.

    How important to you is it that it is natural?

    It’s everything! I have to be 100% sure what I’m taking.