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    Gaynor Prior

    Ultra Runner

    Where are you from?
    Originally from Lancashire, I’ve lived all over the UK including London, Brighton and Nottingham. I currently live in Cumbria.

    Fun Facts

    • Favourite Food

      - Indian

    • Favourite Film

      - Chasing Legends, a documentary following Team Columbia-HTC during the 2009 Tour de France; pure adrenaline

    • Favourite Music

      - anything loud! QOTSA, The Stooges, Die Antwoord

    • Favourite Book

      - Perfume by Patrick Suskind

    • Dream Holiday Destination

      - I’m lucky to live in the Lake District, why would I go anywhere else!

    • Who are the most important people in your life?

      - My husband

    • Favourite TV show

      - I don’t watch a huge amount of tv but used to like Dexter and I thought the recent London Spy was good

    • When you aren’t training, what are you doing?

      - Playing with my 2 dogs and trying to finish decorating our house which is never ending.

    • Any other hobbies?

      - love scouring architectural salvage yards and antique fairs for ‘treasure’!


    I originally did a Special Effects Make Up course, becoming a wigmaker for film and tv for many years. After a back injury I decided to retrain as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist and make my passion for fitness my career. I started organising events in 2009.


    Have you always been into sport/fitness?

    I joined my local running club, Notts AC when I was 9, and trained and competed with them until age 16 when I discovered boys. I started training again around age 21, and haven’t stopped since!

    How did you get involved with endurance races?

    I watched my friend complete an Ironman, and thought I wanted to ‘step up’ to something more than the road races (10k – marathon) I was doing. I discovered ultra runs and entered The Marathon of Britain in 2006 (175 miles in 5 days). I prefer trail events with some navigation.

    Best athletic achievement so far?

    My favourite has to be Caesars Camp 100. I was 1st Lady with the course record, but had such a good time with my crew Kate and Jane. We laughed for hours, maybe I could have gone faster!

    What are your ambitions for 2015 and beyond?

    I’ve had nearly a year off running with a ruptured calf so I’m taking it slowly for 2016, with a few ‘challenges’ planned, including a few back to back days on the Pennine Way. Then there are loads of events I’d like to do – The Great Glen Ultra, the Cumbria Way Ultra, The Fellsman…

    Who are your sporting & non-sporting role models and why?

    Billy Bland – he’s probably the finest mountain runner of his time, holding the record for the Bob Graham Round since 1982. Now in his late 60’s he still competes for GB on his bike, giving 100% to whatever he puts his mind too.

    Plus all the people that spend time quietly training like pro’s enabling them to achieve amazing things for no good reason other than they enjoy it.

    Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

    I used to make Alan Partridge’s wig!

    Can you describe the feeling when you made a great improvement/achievement in your sport and what it was?

    The Montane Lakeland 100, running into Coniston as 1st Lady to set a new course record, after a beautiful, sunny day of running mostly by myself in the mountains – a fantastic day.

    What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

    1. Eat naturally
    2. Remember to fuel little and often during a long event
    3. Plan and prepare for your post workout nutrition so you don’t just grab anything to hand, make sure you include a good source of protein

    What are your top three training tips?

    1. Mix it up – if you’re a runner, don’t just run, add weights, cycling, core work, stretch, massage
    2. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session – schedules aren’t set in stone
    3. Try Yoga, I wish I’d started practising yoga years ago

    Why do you use Beet It Sport and how has it helped you?

    I first started drinking Beet It juice daily in 2009 after my father introduced me to it. He was taking daily medication for high blood pressure and had read a lot of research re the benefits of beetroot. He still drinks Beet It and doesn’t need the BP meds anymore. I have asthma and I think Beet It really helps my breathing.

    How important to you is it that it is natural?

    Very, I’m not fanatical about my diet but it’s something I use every day.

    Have you tried the full range and if so which product do you use the most and why?

    I think so! I drink a glass of Beet It juice daily – has to be cold and tastes great. I like the shots too before a long run or event.